Fullscreen canvas image

At a recent project, I needed to draw an image in canvas. The app had to be fullscreen, and the image should resize in the canvas proportionally. I searched for a code that does it, but couldn’t find any. Actually it’s not very hard to write piece of code that does it and today I will guide you how.

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Bulgarian translation to Pulse CMS v 2.5.5

[button url=”http://bassta.bg/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/pulse_lang_bg.zip” style=”blue” size=”large” type=”square” icon=”download” target=”_blank”] DOWNLOAD FILE [/button]

Pulse CMS have always been my choice when it comes to small projects and one-page websites. It is easy to set up ( no database ) and has everything your clients need – easy way to edit content, gallery, contact form, blog and stats. If you haven’t heard about it, check the demo. You can include it into your own, static html/php template, or use it with the responsive front-end template that comes with it. The admin area is easy to translate – you just need to edit the pulsepro/includes/lang.php file. Today’s freebie is bulgarian translation to the admin area. You can download it from here. If you’ve purchased Pulse CMS, you can just drop the lang.php file into pulsepro/includes folder and override default language file.

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Three flash websites that could be done with Javascript

Today, less and less people are creating flash websites. Unless there is some very special 3D content, augmented reality or the mobile market is one-digit percentage, people build their websites using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. But every now and then, I stumble upon some great website built with flash. Flash was used to create all varieties of effects ( from simple transition to complex shaders ) and now most of them can be reproduced with JavaScript. Today I will show you three flash websites with very nice effects, that could’ve been bult with modern day technologies.

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