Blog theme

The blog theme is the great Acute theme, with some minor modifications.

Background patterns

In many of my demos I use background patterns from subtlepatterns. All of the great patterns are licensed under  Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) license.

Demo images

Most of the images that appears on demos are created by bulgarian photographer Ivaylo Yovchev or by myself. Some of the images may not be included in the download files.


Google Fonts provides some great free, easy to use, ready for web fonts. We use them on the demos.

GreenSock Animation Plaform ( TweenMax )

We love greensock’s animation platform (GSAP) . It is available for both Actionscript and Javascript.
[highlight]The Greensock tweening platform have its own license model.[/highlight] The code on this blog that uses GSAP is itself free to use.


Special thanks Tutorialzine and the members of the web design community who make their beautiful work freely available.

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