Fullscreen slides with TweenLite, CSSPlugin and ScrollToPlugin

Snippet: how to create neat fullscreen slides effect. It can be perfect for landing and portfolio single-page websites.

[button url=”http://bassta.bg/demos/fullscreen-slides/” style=”green” size=”large” type=”square” icon=”view” target=”_blank”] VIEW DEMO [/button] [button url=”http://bassta.bg/downloads/fullscreen-slides-files.zip” type=”square” icon=”download” target=”_blank”] DOWNLOAD FILES [/button] [button url=”http://codepen.io/bassta/pen/kDvmC/” type=”square” icon=”link” target=”_blank”] FORK AT CODEPEN [/button]
[highlight]Edit: it was featured on the first page of Codepen. Thank you all![/highlight]

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